MS-Graessner Introduces the Revolutionary PowerGear Miniature

MS-Graessner Introduces the Revolutionary PowerGear Miniature

The new miniature gear from MS-Graessner, PowerGear Miniature, is a revolutionary new compact and lightweight spiral bevel gearbox with an aluminum housing. Available in sizes of P27, P33, and P45, the PowerGear Miniature is the only miniature gearbox in its class not using a plastic housing. Despite the compact size, the drive rotational speed reaches 7500 RPM while the nominal torque lies between 3.5 and 16 Nm, depending on the model.

PowerGear Miniature with US Penny

PowerGear Miniature is convincing not only in its power, but also in its precision. It has a low backlash, high transmission accuracy and a zero-wear power connection between the shaft and bevel wheel. With a high efficiency of 98%, this miniature gearbox also conserves energy.

Key Features

  • Miniature gear for maximum precision
  • Low backlash and high transmission accuracy
  • Case-hardened bevel gear tooth system
  • Friction-locked shaft and bevel gear fit
  • High efficiency ratings up to 98%
  • Extremely lightweight aluminum housing
  • Maintenance-free through synthetic oil

Visit the PowerGear Miniature product page to learn more and view performance data.

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