GEARFOX Success Story with KUKA

GEARFOX Success Story with KUKA

A Small-Sized, Big Success Story: GEARFOX and KUKA KL 100

Small robot, big impact! The KR AGILUS series with the new KL 100 linear unit from renowned robot specialist KUKA sets new standards in speed, precision and manufacturing quality in the most limited spaces. And right at the heart of the development and optimization of the drive train: our GEARFOX developer software.

GEARFOX: Always the perfect solution for each application.

The highest demands on dynamics and positioning accuracy: A high-grade efficient, extremely compact gearbox was needed for the new KUKA KL 100 linear unit. GEARFOX was used to incorporate all the relevant operating conditions and all the design variations of the robot family into the calculation. Also, the thermal balance of the gearbox was part of the testing procedure. Furthermore, using GEARFOX, the next smaller and next bigger gearbox variants were calculated and tested – with the result that the selected DynaGear, in addition to the required durability, also had enough power reserves and offered the most advantages in terms of dynamics and costs. Thanks to GEARFOX, KUKA was already certain even before permanent testing began that the DynaGear gearbox would fulfill all requirements in terms of dynamics, thermal stability and durability to their entire satisfaction.

What is GEARFOX?

The internet-based GEARFOX software, specially developed by MS-Graessner, leaves nothing to chance. The GEARFOX developer software is based on the claim to consider each design task as a challenge, with the ambition to find not just any possible solution, but the best solution – from the development and construction of an individual drive element to the calculation of a complete, perfectly coordinated drive train, including gearboxes.

What makes GEARFOX so remarkable is the versatility of the calculation options and the variety of parameters which influence these calculations and enable GEARFOX to calculate and perfectly dimension the entire drive train. This begins with the analysis of the customer needs, includes the definition of the product requirements, the calculation of applications, as well as the gear design and culminates in an iterative gearbox optimization, in close cooperation with the customer.

Highlights in calculating with GEARFOX

  • Bearing durability
  • Gearing forces
  • Efficiency
  • Application torques and speeds
  • Moments of inertia
  • Axial and radial forces
  • Motion cycles (square, cubic, quartic and quintic)
  • Master-Slave calculations
  • Use of extensive databases and material tables
  • Over 300 predefined servo motors
  • 7 predefined application types
  • 5 predefined gear types
  • 3 predefined transmission
  • Ability to input custom specifications